What’s on our floor today?

Some of you may have noticed that the floor in a certain section of our store is, well, a little messy.   At first glance, it’s jumbled piles of colors and textures.  But a closer look will show you that the piles make sense.  In fact, this part of the floor is where the “inspiration […]

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Inspired by Color!

What’s your favorite color?  We’ve been asking each other that question since we’ve been in elementary school, because we intuitively know color is important to us.  Some colors just make you feel happy, or relaxed, or energized.   So favorite colors are a natural place to start when looking to update a room.   If […]

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What’s your inspiration?

It’s easy to decide that you want to changes things up or freshen the look of a room.  The hard part is deciding what to do.  The process can seem overwhelming.  Where to start?  With something you love!  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Pictures in magazines, photos from your favorite vacation spot,  a fun pillow […]

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